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About Us

Garage Door Repair Fountain Hills AZ

Let us help you when it comes time to replace your garage door springs. It really is easy when you choose to trust us here at Fountain Hills Garage Door Repair with the replacement of your garage door springs.

We have come across so many people who have attempted to DIY when it comes to spring replacement of their garage door. And after a bad job on the door or getting injured they finally end up calling us. Don’t let this be you.

We will teach you how to select the correct springs for your door. There are many simple tricks that will help you that we would like to show you. One of the simplest when it comes to selecting the correct spring doors for the replacement is to simply look at the lock or the back of the garage door for the manufacturer’s stamp or brand name. This will guide you on which springs to buy. If you want to leave the entire process of selecting the springs for you and install them for you, we can do that as well.