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‘Simply the best garage door agents I have worked with in a long time, and that’s saying a lot because I have worked with scores of garage door agents in the 30 years we have lived in this house.’ – Mo O’Malley

‘I couldn’t have asked for more. Good job Fountain Hills Garage Door Repair!’ – Tim Cooks

‘Did I say how punctual they were? They arrived on time and fixed that old garage door in record time!’ – Will Benjamin

‘Goodness me, I was worried sick about the rain getting into the garage seeing as we are fast approaching the rainy season. We use part of the garage for storing old furniture and all our kids’ old toys so we were really concerned about them getting damaged. But thanks to Fountain Hills Garage Door Repairs all that is a thing of the past now. Our door looks really terrific. In fact it has never looked this good before!’ – Lucy and Heath Piper

‘Can you imagine the shock I felt when one day I walked into my garage and found a stray dog lying in there? Having little children in the home I was glad I was the one who walked in and managed to walk away from the sleeping dog before it woke up. My heart was stuck in my throat all the way back to the house and I kept wondering what if it had been anyone of my precious babies in that garage with that stray dog? I didn’t hesitate again, I simply called the local garage door service agents and they came as soon as possible. For weeks I had been procrastinating about fixing that door but that morning I knew living with a broken door was not wise. Now our door works perfectly and is always firmly shut! Thank you Fountain Hills Garage Door Repair for being so quick in your response.’ – Pam Nightingale

‘Honestly I never thought that new springs could make such a marked difference to an old door. Had I known I would have replaced those darn old springs sooner and not waited for them to break first!’ – Sally Warrington

‘I had been planning to DIY and fix my own garage door but an unexpected injury caused me to put off my project. The doctors said it was going to take me a relatively long time to heal so I had no choice but to look for someone to help me fix the garage door. I have always liked fixing things around my home myself so this was a humbling experience. However it turned out to be the best decision I ever made, because I learnt a lot from the service agents from Fountain Hills Garage Door Repair who came to fix my door and I am very grateful. P.s. they also did a great job on the door!’ – Mark Finley

‘They worked so simply, fast and efficiently. I will call Fountain Hills Garage Door Repairs without fail again next time.’ – Rose Withers

‘It’s such a pleasure looking at that new garage door! Thank you Fountain Hills Garage Door Repairs.’ – Lorna Jackson

‘Wonderful, simply wonderful, the springs work well, the opener is fantastic, I couldn’t ask for a better service.’ – Grace Brown